Gloucestershire Exiles Player of the Year 2019

11 May 2020

We may be without live cricket at the moment, but it has not stopped the Gloucestershire Exiles from remembering and appreciating what the players achieved last season, and the efforts of one player in particular.

In its Spring edition of Outside-edge the Exiles announced that their Player of the Year for 2019 is once more the County’s popular all-rounder Ryan Higgins.

Ryan, pictured here receiving his 2018 award at Lord’s from former Membership Secretary Simon Franklin, continued his fine form in all formats of the game and is interviewed in the recently published edition of the Exiles’ newsletter magazine, details of which are available from Exiles Secretary Mark Brunt at

The Exiles will update their Members as soon as the picture becomes clearer about how the 2019 Award will be presented.  Congratulations go to Ryan, and let us hope that there will be opportunities for him to showcase his talents in Division One later this season.