In 2021 the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and the game of cricket within  England and Wales released it’s 12-point Action Plan in an attempt to address some of the inequalities and discrimination in the game. Details of this plan can be found here

At Gloucestershire cricket we recognise that a national framework is essential for the game but that more importantly listening locally with a local action plan is where we will learn the fastest and can make the most significant improvements for our guests, workforce and local communities. “Gloucestershire 4 All” is our local action plan at the heart of which sits our pre-existing community strategy.

We are learning and always will be – improving lives is not a project or a programme but it is part of a continual learning process for all of us and we will always welcome feedback, ideas and conversations to help us positively progress and improve.

Click here to read the Gloucestershire 4 All Action Plan