Bristol Region

The Bristol Region organise a number of fundraising activities which we know will be hugely enjoyable to attend and we will be running Ground Raffles at most one day games in the coming season.

We have a small but very loyal band of Committee Members and supporters that help out with the various activities which are a lot of fun.

We are on the lookout for anyone who either would like to join the Committee or alternatively, because we recognise many people only have limited free time, to help out on a specific event, whether that be selling tickets, helping with Ground Raffles, running an event or just providing support to someone else.

Throughout the year there will be a chance to win some cash prizes and help the Club at the same time by entering our Triple Chance draw.  As its name suggests there are three draws a season. The cost is only £10 for the season.

For further information please contact David Oates via email on


Bristol Region Committee

Chairman:                     D. Mclauchlan
Vice-Chairman:          R. Williams
Treasurer:                     R. Babbington
Secretary:                      K. Crabtree
Ordinary Members:  R. Body, D. Oates, J. Gilliard, R. Smith and A. Street


- How can I get involved? Call Dave Mclauchlan on 07969 294736.