Gloucestershire Cricket Trust revamped for 2022

24 January 2022

The Gloucestershire Cricket Trust (GCT), the official charity of Gloucestershire Cricket, has been revamped for 2022 with a fresh and unwavering focus on supporting individuals and projects in our community; allowing the Club to make a difference to even more people’s lives. First founded in 1991 the GCT, with a new-look and fresh set of ambitions, is placing itself at the forefront of tackling the needs of our community.

Aligning with Gloucestershire Cricket’s community endeavours, the Trust seeks to further expand and diversify the reach of cricket within the county of Gloucestershire. The GCT will extend beyond the boundaries of the game to support and deliver impactful community initiatives.

How is the GCT funded?

As a registered charity, the GCT will be able to explore grants and funding from outside bodies, giving the Trust & Gloucestershire Cricket the ability to access a greater portfolio of programmes in sustainability, cricket activity, education and employability, and health and well-being. These are designed to create positive change, enabling individuals and communities to fulfil their potential.

Additionally, the Trust will rely on charitable donations from Gloucestershire Cricket supporters and members in the form of regular contributions, one-off support and Legacy donations. By making monthly, weekly or any other regular contributions through a donations page dedicated to the GCT, Gloucestershire supporters will be able to make a positive impact by helping to facilitate the delivery of localised community programmes that engage, inspire and bring people from all walks of life together over a common shared interest.

Supporting the growth of meaningful community programmes is one of the ways legacy donations can be used, when left to the GCT in a person’s will. When combined with other sources of income, legacy donations will allow the GCT to support Gloucestershire Cricket’s passion for delivering impactful community projects on a county-wide scale.

For more information on how to donate to and support the GCT, click here

What are the GCT’s key objectives?

The GCT will support a cross-section of society and seeks to develop an array of new and existing projects over the coming years. This will ultimately allow the Club’s Community department to delve deeper into our community’s needs and connect with a range of groups across the county.

Among the Trust’s central ambitions are its desire to champion causes in Bristol and across Gloucestershire that improve people’s wellbeing by enhancing social inclusion programmes in the county. It will also look to support less traditional approaches into the sport, allowing for the development of opportunities for more people to develop career pathways within the game of cricket.

In partnership with other charitable and not-for-profit organisations in Gloucestershire, the GCT is ultimately geared up to elevate Gloucestershire Cricket’s social impact beyond levels previously reached.

To find out more about what the GCT does, how it’s making a difference in our community now and how you can get involved, click here