LV= County Championship Division 2 - Thursday 13 April 2023

Match abandoned (5 points)

Venue: Seat Unique Stadium, Bristol

Gloucestershire v Yorkshire | LV= Insurance County Championship


No play was possible on the opening day of the LV= Insurance County Championship match between Gloucestershire and Yorkshire at Bristol.

Heavy rain over several days left the outfield saturated and, although the sun was shining over the Seat Unique Stadium, an early call-off was inevitable.

Umpires Paul Pollard and Billy Taylor took the decision at 9.45am with neither team having begun their warm-ups.

More rain is forecast for tomorrow, so prospects for a prompt start on day two look bleak.

Yorkshire go into the game having suffered a surprise home defeat by Leicestershire in their opening fixture, while Gloucestershire produced a spirited fightback to earn a draw with Glamorgan at Cardiff.


Hopes of starting the LV= County Championship match between Gloucestershire and Yorkshire on the second day at Bristol were dashed by the weather.

Heavy overnight rain further saturated an outfield that was not considered fit for play on day one.

The rain continued to fall when the players arrived at the Seat Unique Stadium and umpires Billy Taylor and Paul Pollard took the decision to abandon play for the day at 9.30am.

The weather forecast for tomorrow and Sunday is much better, with sunshine and higher temperatures,

But so much rain has fallen in recent days that ground staff will still face a major task to ensure two full days of play.


Gloucestershire's LV= County Championship Second Division match against Yorkshire at Bristol has been abandoned without a ball bowled.

Umpires Billy Taylor and Paul Pollard made the decision after inspecting the outfield on arrival at the Seat Unique Stadium ahead of what would have been day three of the four-day fixture.

More heavy rain overnight had fallen on the already saturated ground and it was so wet in some areas that there was no likelihood of conditions becoming playable even on day four.

A statement issued by the Club read:

"Due to extremely high amounts of rain in the weeks and days leading up to and during this match, we have an abnormally high water table and had no reasonable prospect of the outfield drying and creating a safe playing surface for players."

Steve Snell, Performance Director at Gloucestershire Cricket said:

"It's extremely disappointing, especially in view of how hard our ground staff have worked in an effort to get the game started. The weather has been so wet that they faced an impossible task."