What does being strong mean to you? - Extract Coffee

29 November 2019

Extract Coffe have launched their Strong Man Espresso. This year the coffee is raising money for Empire Fighting Chance The Gloucestershire players in November took part in some strongman competitions.

Take a look at what Jack Taylor and Graeme van Buuren had to say about the strongman campaign:

Jack Taylor

“Being a strongman can mean many different things. To me, it is persevering when times are tough or in adverse conditions or situations, and how you react to them. In cricket that can be facing a bowler at 90mph that can hit you in the head.

A couple of years ago I was banned from bowling for having an illegal bowling action. That was a massive part of my game that was fitting to have taken away. It’s all about how you come back from that. Always find a way to turn a negative in to a positive”

Graeme van Buuren

"For me being strong means , just being a consistently good human , no matter what life throws at you. I believe i achieve this being by being strong in my faith and strong in my mind when things get tough."

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