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Gloucestershire County Cricket Club (GCCC) initially entered a phase of COVID-19 “lockdown” with the rest of the UK on the 23rd March 2020. Prior to that GCCC had been operating a strict policy of isolation for any employee with COVID-19 symptoms as well as encouraging home-working for employees who were able to do so.

The complete closure of the Bristol County Ground included the ground itself as well as all internal spaces such as the BS7 gym, the Bristol Pavilion conferencing and events centre and the Gloucestershire Cricket Board (GCB) offices.

At the end of March a significant number of GCCC employees entered into the governments Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme whilst a core group of essential workers remained unfurloughed with almost all working from home.

As of 1st June 2020 the ground remains in “lockdown” with the exception of essential workers who can only perform their duties from the ground itself and any contractor(s) who are required to finish previously started projects or those that relate to COVID-19 protection and mitigation. All of these visitors enter the ground on strict guidelines as set out below and in accordance with relevant risk assessments that have been produced. The majority of staff remain on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Working closely with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) there is strict guidance in place as to any training that players and coaching staff are undertaking or may undertake in the future. This includes guidance on accessing the ground, what facilities are open, what support staff will be on-site, the provision of relevant PPE and guidance on how to train safely.


GCCC – actions taken:

  1. All staff on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme have been consulted and agree with their and GCCC’s obligations in joining the scheme.
  2. All staff who have not been furloughed are being encouraged to continue to work from home.
  3. Any staff that have a requirement to access the ground are issued with a number of documents including “GCCC Employee Guidelines for Return to Work” with specific reference that this applies to the preliminary phase & preparation.
  4. Risk assessments have been produced for playing and non-playing staff in accordance with government, Public Health England and ECB guidance.
  5. A specific COVID-19 officer has been appointed as well as a COVID-19 medical officer
  6. A specific working group has been formed to oversee the production of the relevant policies and procedures to ensure safe working which includes the Chief Executive, COVID-19 Officer (Ops Director), the HR Manager, Cricket Manager and the Head of Medical Services.
  7. Mental health support continues to be made available through the Club’s psychologist.
  8. A number of changes have been made to the facilities, flow and direction of staff entering the ground which include:
    1. No employee is permitted to come to the ground unless pre-arranged and authorised by their line manager, the COVID-19 officer and the HR Manager
    2. Prior to arrival, any employee will be asked to agree and sign an ECB education presentation, relevant risk assessments and the COVID-19 operational plan.
    3. All playing staff must take their temperature before leaving their residence and fill out a health questionnaire to be uploaded to a centralised database.
    4. All non-playing staff must answer the same questionnaire and take their temperature on arrival at the ground.
    5. A new “scanner” style temperature gauge has been installed by the main entrance and every visitor or employee must have their temperature taken on arrival.
    6. The security team now work days to assist with the entry of individuals into the ground including the temperature check and keeping a log of all visitors.
    7. Any contractor(s) visiting the site must provide the necessary method statements and risk assessments before entering the ground and also adhere to the temperature check and sign-in process as outlined above.
    8. Directional signage is in place for visitors to the ground and additional sanitisation points have been placed around the ground and in relevant buildings (including employees’ desks).
    9. A number of communal areas (kitchens etc.) remain closed.
    10. A deep clean of all areas of the Club has taken place and a new cleaning schedule has been introduced.
    11. PPE is available to all staff of the required standards dependent on role and requirement and all staff are expected to and will be supported in adhering to social distancing guidelines.


The above are examples of some of the practical measures, guidance and policies that have been introduced by the Club to date. These are reflective of the steps we have taken during the “Lockdown” phase with minimal visitors to the site and we will continue to monitor and update these as we open the venue and its facilities up further.


Will Brown

Chief Executive

Gloucestershire County Cricket Club